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List of Amazing Shipping Container Homes in America

There are two problems that are facing the world we live in today- global warming and population increase. We cannot possibly blame anyone else but us for this, and worse, we don’t expect any reductions because humans aren’t animals to be so easily controlled- get me right. So, what different can we do? Well, in this site, you are going to find out that you can actually make beautiful homes from unused or repurposed shipping containers. Whenever you think about a home that is made from a shipping container, you’d be forgiven to think that it is a horrid box that no one can like. Our website‘s list of the most famous homes will bewild you!

Moereno’s Design

First on the list is the RDP house that was designed by a home designer called Daniel Moreno Flores. He used eight shipping boxes to make this elegant and popular structure. It has a rusted exterior but that is only to trick eyes for the inside is made in first class elegance. The house has a high bedroom, a grand piano in an entertainment room and a dining room. Plus, it also has green spaces on marble floored patio. Check this site for more!

The Maison Container

How about you give a shot to the Maison container house? This is a home that tries to combine the traditional appeal of a farmhouse but it is still made of shipping containers. Designed by a French architect with the aim of creating a traditional home from sustainable materials, the house is over 2,000 square feet and its interiors are top notch! It has metallic walkaways, spiral staircases, bathrooms and bedrooms whose decors look like they were cut from interior magazines.

L Container House

The L shape has been a popular design worldwide over the years. The L container house was first structured in 2009 and the architects paid attention to both elegance and function. Today, the 2000 square feet house has two levels where the ground has an open kitchen and a living room, and the bedroom plus home office are upstairs.

The 8 weeks container house

Imagine that you travelled for two months and when you came back, you found a new exquisite home waiting for you? Well, now wake up and find the house intact! It’s time to check it now! Yes, because it is realistic and has been done by several other people. The idea was first realized in New York in the course of 2009. The architect ensured that he made a prototype which would be built in about 8 weeks. The house is made from four shipping containers and has a living room and kitchen. Click here for more info on how to buy your own house that is a combination of elegance, function and sustainability.

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